Luis Butten

I’m a marketing professional that has worked with brands from different industries, such as luxury, finances and consumer goods. I also have experience as a project manager, coordinating teams, and managing accounts and cash flows. This has allowed me to consult businesses, redefine their strategies and improve the return on their investment.

I obtained a B.A. in International Marketing, cum laude, from Universidad de Monterrey in 2010. In 2011, I started my professional career, as COO, manager and account executive at BANG!, a graphic design and websites agency. In 2015, I turned into a social media strategist at Elevation Studio, to lead the online marketing campaigns of our customers, and to grow their sales or positioning.

I am a committed, responsible, organized and goal-oriented individual. Above all, in addition, someone adaptable, a fast learner and, more importantly, someone who simply solves problems.

Psychometric Profiles

logoHSLuis is a systematic, cooperative and collaborative thinker, oriented to following procedures. He works more comfortably and efficiently in well structured and well defined environments and situations. Luis usually acts in an orderly and predetermined way, and he is precise and pays attention to detail. He is cautious approaching problems and decisions. Rarely will he confront colleagues as he normally acts in a prudent and diplomatic way.

He is pacient and listens carefully to others, genuinely interested in their ideas, opinions and information. He expresses his thoughts and ideas better in a small group and in one-on-one situations. He is a good “team player.” Luis will work to keep harmony in a group, while he tries to satisfy people in an effort to avoid conflict.

Luis prefers clear and consistent operative procedures and avoids sudden or abrupt changes. Luis is motivated by certainty, consistence and clarity in instructions and norms, and by constantly receiving positive feedback and confirmation that he’s doing a good job. Luis will apply a logical and analytical way of thinking resolving problems. He does not want to make any mistakes and will be a perfectionist to avoid that.

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extended-disc-logo2Natural style: 50% S; 45% C; 5% D.

Traits: Focused, a planner, organized, logical, thorough, exhaustive, organized, deep, questioning, of principles, team player, responsible and exhaustive.

Motivations: He likes to plan and develop things in a balanced and controlled manner. He accepts change, but not too quickly. He appreciates clear instructions, and the continuity and certainty that a good team generates. He prefers for the people around him to be professionals and experts in their fields; he can feel insecure if he is surrounded by incompetent people.

Ideal supervisor: He is capable of working with a demanding and agressive supervisor. He needs to feel there is certainty and he will if his supervisor guides him, encourages him and does not underestimate the importance of his work even if it seems to be invisible. A good decision maker could also help him to make decisions.

Download full report PDF (in Spanish)